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Laryssa Weiland, Paralegal

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Laryssa Weiland is a paralegal with Fish & Tsang LLP where she assists attorneys in all matters related to domestic and foreign patent and trademark prosecution, as well as copyright law. In her day to day work, Laryssa provides F&T attorneys with the legal assistance needed to help IP clients achieve their dreams and further their inventions. She strives to make attorneys’ jobs easier – whether drafting shells, scheduling meetings, or preparing documents – she takes pride in assisting F&T attorneys to help clients’ dreams come true. Laryssa diligently manages client portfolios with attention to detail and enjoys being the main point of contact for questions and concerns. F&T clients can depend on her and she measures her own success through that of her clients.

Personal Attributes

Since joining the firm in 2009, Laryssa has been committed to the team environment at Fish & Tsang. She values F&T’s company culture, which encourages an atmosphere for growth, development and the opportunity for staff to excel in their careers. Laryssa also demonstrates an aptitude for complicated IP issues and is committed to the success of the firm and its clients. Learning new rules and overcoming obstacles keeps her interested in the day-to-day challenges presented in her work as an IP paralegal.

Education and Professional Experience

Laryssa received her bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara. After working as an administrative assistant with F&T, she discovered a knack for IP and decided to pursue a career as an IP paralegal. She earned her paralegal certificate from University of California, Irvine.

Personal Interests

Outside of the office, Laryssa enjoys spending her time outdoors, and can often be found running and cycling. She also enjoys cooking for her family and friends.

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