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Litigation and Enforcement

Once we procure intellectual property rights for our clients, we work with them to maximize the value of those rights. Whether through brute force such as litigation, or through fluid negotiations to procure a licensing deal, our nimble team can shepherd your intellectual property to realize your business goals.

Fish & Tsang' enforcement strategies go beyond the courtroom. Depending on our clients' needs, we often utilize a combined approach that includes conducting investigations into potential and actual infringers, actively notifying infringers of their activity through cease and desist letters, working with our partners to enforce our clients' rights at the borders to stop the import of infringing goods, and litigating in state and federal courts and at the International Trade Commission, to protect and enforce our clients' rights.

The team at Fish & Tsang has successfully handled various state and federal court proceedings, including appeals to the Federal and Ninth Circuits to the advantage of our clients. We also are well-experienced in negotiating and structuring licensing and other buy-out arrangements for our clients. In addition, we have leveraged our clients' intellectual property to successfully seize shipments of counterfeit products at the borders in the U.S. and abroad. Simply put, we don't just obtain a patent or a trademark for you; we make it work for you.

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