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Accelerated Examination

From their Irvine law office in the heart of Orange County, the intellectual property attorneys at Fish & Tsang have successfully filed thousands of patents worldwide, including fast-track applications under the federal government's accelerated patent examination process.

History of Accelerated Patent Applications

Traditionally, patent applications are examined in the order they are received by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and with an ever-increasing backlog of applications, getting an examination conducted can take many months or even years.

In 2006, USPTO responded to this problem by developing an option for an accelerated examination.  An application which is granted accelerated status is basically moved ahead in line and examined before other applications which were filed earlier.  This process is a boon for companies with time-sensitive inventions and applications who will benefit from getting to market as soon as possible.  The goal of the accelerated examination is twelve months from application to final disposition.

The Accelerated Patent Application Process

In order to qualify for an accelerated examination, the applicant must file a grantable petition to make special that meets very specific criteria.  In addition, the applicant must submit a complete application and all follow-on submissions in accordance with federal regulations, conduct a pre-examination search, and provide a thorough support document for the accelerated examination, including detailed information on each reference cited.

In support of an application for accelerated examination, we conduct a thorough pre-examination search, including a classified and text search of US patents and applications, international patents and applications, non-patent literature sources, and detailed patent records employing special tools required by USPTO.

We assist clients in the preparation of petitions and renewed petitions and any interviews proposed to discuss any rejection or objection to the claims or specification, as well as any replies and expedited appeals before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.

A Record of Successful Accelerated Patents

Fish & Tsang has successfully pursued accelerated examination applications to allowance across many fields, including medical, mechanical, networking, Internet, and many more.  In many cases, we can achieve allowance within ten months.  Our extensive experience with prosecuting accelerated examination applications includes knowing how to get an application into the program cost-effectively and knowing how to leverage the program's features across non-accelerated applications.

Contact the intellectual property lawyers at Fish & Tsang or call toll free at 888-875-6396 to discuss whether an accelerated patent examination would be useful in achieving your business goals and the objectives of your overall IP portfolio.