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The California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) gives consumers more control over the personal information businesses collect. It is first, the right to know about the personal info a business collects, how it used, and how it is shared. Second, it gives the right to delete personal information collected from them. Next, it gives the right to opt-out of any sale of personal information. Lastly, no one can discriminate against you for exercising CCPA rights.

And business are required to give consumers notice of this and explain their policies.

Fish IP Law™ provides services that will help your business get into CCPA compliance. This is an ever-changing sector with constantly updated rules. Having someone up-to-date on the shifting landscape will help you avoid non-compliance. Contact Brittany Nobles for more information on how Fish IP Law™ can help.

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Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination based on disabilities. It also imposes accessibility requirements on public accommodations. Since 2019 that includes business websites and apps. These laws are genuine attempts to help a segment of the society that lacks access. There are, however, professional plaintiffs that take advantage of the law to sue those out of compliance.

So we have two issues. There is a moral obligation to try and bring access to potential customers that don’t have it. Alongside that is the simple good practice of increasing your customer outreach. And then there is a protective feature of compliance guarding against unscrupulous actors.

Fish IP Law™ will take a look at your business and work with you to bring it into ADA compliance. Contact Brittany Nobles for more information on how Fish IP Law™ can help.