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Along with our focus on patent and trademark law, the team at Fish & Tsang, PC, is well-versed in copyright law. In addition to our experience in preparing and filing copyright applications in the U.S. and abroad, we are experts in handling a wide range of copyright issues, including licensing, assignment, and enforcement of our clients' copyright rights, privacy policies and other website-related issues, as well as defending against allegations of infringement of third party's rights.

Because of the often overlapping nature of patent, trademark and copyright laws, we strive to ensure that our team is skilled in all three areas. This is critical as our clients often bring to us inventive concepts that can be protected under patent law, expressions of these concepts protected under copyright law, and associated product names, trade names, product packaging, and trade dress protected under trademark law. Thus, no matter the issue, the team at Fish & Tsang utilizes its combined decades of knowledge and experience to offer its clients customized strategies to protect and enforce their rights.

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