As soon as a work is authored, the author has copyrights over that work. But there are benefits to registering the copyright with the Copyright Office. Helping clients register and protect their copyrights is one of the services provided at Fish IP Law™.

Fish IP™ provides consultation on whether it makes sense to register your copyrights, what the costs and benefits are, and what to do in the event someone infringes your right.

Copyrights, what they mean, and the issues involved in how to protect them, are going to be different for a Musician, for Photographers and Visual Artists, and for Authors of Digital Information. We will walk you through the various issues and educate clients to the particulars for each field.  

Fish IP™ will help you file for copyright registration. We help with assignment and licensing of copyrighted works. In case of infringement, we provide representation on all levels necessary- whether sending of cease and desist letters, working out agreements to license, to mediation, arbitration, or if need be- litigation.