IP Deadlines Extended around the World Due to COVID-19

Patent offices all around the world have been finding ways to adjust to the COVID-19 situation by extending deadlines. In Australia, the IP office gave free extensions to customers until July 31. In China, the CNIPA has not extended any deadlines but has instead allowed applications abandoned due to the pandemic to be restored for free. Similarly, in Japan, the JPO did not extend any deadlines but does allow you to request an extension, but the JPO is generally strict in granting extensions. In Europe, the EPO extended their deadlines to June 2, but didn’t extend it further than that. They did, though, reduce the renewal fee by 50% until August 31. In South Korea, the KIPO extended their deadlines to June 1, but hasn’t extended it past that. Furthermore, only trademark opposition briefs, Office Action responses, and responses to notices for correction by KIPO has been extended, while other deadlines have not.

Australia (IP Australia):

  • Extended deadlines until July 31

Europe (EPO):

  • Extended deadlines until June 2

  • Renewal fee reduced by 50% until August 31

China (CNIPA):

  • No extended deadlines

  • Abandoned applications can be restored for free

Japan (JPO):                    

  • No extended deadlines

  • You can request an extension, but not many are given out

South Korea (KIPO):

  • Extended deadlines until June 1, but only for:

    • Trademark opposition briefs

    • Office Action responses

    • Responses to notices for correction by KIPO