Patexia is a terrific resource for statistics regarding intellectual property.  Earlier this week Patexia reported that there has been a 20% drop in IPR (Inter-Partes Review) petitions since 2019.  Their 4th Annual IPR Intelligence Report, which can be purchased for $1495, breaks out IPRs handled by each law firm during the last five years, including a gauge of success rate. 

Fish IP has represented both petitioners and patent owners in over 10 post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trials and Appeals Board (“PTAB”), including both Inter Partes Reviews (“IPR”) and Covered Business Method (“CBM” reviews).  Fish IP has achieved over a 90% success rate before the PTAB, and 100% success rate on appeals to the Federal Circuit.   Fish IP’s work included winning one of the first ever CBM trials, and – at the time – one of only six (6) successful patent owner motions to amend (as cited by the U.S. Supreme Court). The technologies in Fish IP’s proceedings ranged from financial software to a variety of mechanical and electrical engineering inventions.  Fish IP’s work also resulted in several precedential opinions from the PTAB.