Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Bob’s BackSeat Driver App

BackSeat Driver App

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you ever been driving distracted and run through a stop sign or red light? 
Distracted driving is a huge problem with huge associated costs.

There are various solutions to help, but many of these require cameras and software built into the vehicles. After-market dash-cam systems typically only record events, they don’t prevent a driver from running a red light or stop sign. 

Bob Fish has patented a better, cheaper solution to the problem and is hoping to crowdfund production of the app to help save lives and money.

Whenever it appears that your vehicle is not stopping in time, the Backseat Driver app will use the camera and sophisticated algorithms in your own cell phone to warn of upcoming red lights and stop signs.  The system doesn’t rely on GPS, or signals emitted from traffic lights. It can even work in the dark.

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